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Visual Resource Group

Since 1981, we have produced more than 40,000 marketing communications projects on time and on budget. Experience, reliability and dependability are the hallmarks of our company. And we thrive on exceeding our client’s expectations.

Originally a division of VCP International, founding president Tom Rice purchased the company in 1998 and renamed it Visual Resource Group, Inc. Since that time, VRG has developed a niche with engineering-driven, limited-personnel manufacturing and industrial companies. Our clients have also included banking, healthcare and real estate companies as well as nonprofits.

We work differently with each of our clients: for some, we act as an outsourced in-house marketing department. For others, we serve as a consultant that supplements existing staff. We can also work on a straight project basis. Whatever your set-up, we can adapt to fit your needs.

Owner Tom Rice considers himself extremely lucky to be working in his dream job. He learned the lesson of hard work from his father, an engineer who also gave him a love for all things related to technology and mechanics. With a creative gene thrown in, Tom has the gift of being able to communicate and work well with engineers and techno-centrics, even those who typically distrust “marketing people.” At VRG, we bring everyone together for the greater good.



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What we can offer

Our integrated services mean that we tailor each aspect of your marketing strategy not only to fit your needs, but also to build on each other so that you get powerful results.

Chaos is merely organization waiting to be deciphered.


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