Skill Set overview

What we can do


Corporate and product logo, branding, identity and messaging.


Advertising, pay-per-click, email communication and lead generation programs.

Print Design & Management

Digital and print. Design, produce, print and maintain. Fulfillment services.


Content management, social media, public relations, news releases, media relations and specialty advertising.

Web Design & Management

Design and create websites, update existing sites, maintain content and oversee analytics.

Trade Shows

U.S. or international trade show management. Booth design and layout, show logistics and implementation.

Are You a Niche Manufacturer Looking for Broader Sales?

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If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, VRG may be right for you!

Does your company’s marketing communications program align with and support your strategic objectives?

Do your marketing materials suck? (You wouldn’t believe how often we hear this exact complaint!)

Is a competitor muddying the waters and making buyers think your superior product is flawed?

Do you want to control the conversation in your key markets?

projects we are proud of

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